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Lenders and Servicers Representation

As both a transactional and litigation attorney, Eleni leverages her knowledge of the mortgage industry and drafts agreements in anticipation of litigation, mitigating risk while achieving the most favorable business terms possible for her clients.

Lender and servicer Representations

Her experience includes negotiating and drafting the following types of agreements: Loan Documents including, but not limited to: Loan Commitment Letters, Promissory Notes, Mortgages, Security Agreements, Construction Loan Agreements, Guarantees, Assignments, Affidavits, Environmental Indemnity Agreements and Subordinations Agreements.

It takes specialized legal skills and knowledge to navigate commercial loan transactions. Eleni provides Lenders and Servicers with legal advice and representation throughout all phases of commercial loan transactions, including the following:


  • Commercial Financing

  • Real Estate and Construction Financing

  • Asset-Based Lending

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Negotiable Instruments and Collections

  • Foreclosures and Restructuring

The Firm is experienced in extensive title review and clearance of any outstanding liens and title issues, so that the asset will be free of any liens or encumbrances. One of the many challenges Lenders and Servicers potentially face are the daily accumulation of municipal and county fines. Eleni has extensive experience in working directly with local governments in mitigating such daily fines and liens by coordinating and monitoring lien violation remediation with an Asset Preservation Specialist in conjunction with negotiated terms and timeframes.

Eleni is also well-versed in Homeowner Association (HOA) Liens and Florida Safe Harbor Laws. Accordingly, she has been successful in HOA Lien review, verification, dispute resolution and reduction of HOA Liens, saving thousands of dollars for Lenders and Servicers.

Loss Mitigation

The Firm represents Lenders and Servicers in all areas of Loss Mitigation.  Efficient and effective client communication is the foundation for the timely disposition of reclaimed assets.  Lenders rely on experienced legal counsel to efficiently and competently perform a wide array of default services on their behalf.
Our attorneys advise and communicate regularly with institutional Lenders, Servicers and their agents on the following matters:


  • Municipal and County lien review, verification, mitigation and settlement;

  • Coordinate and monitor lien violation remediation with an Asset Preservation Specialist in conjunction with negotiated terms and timeframes;

  • Homeowner's Association (HOA) estoppel review, verification, reduction and settlement;

  • Extensive title review and clearance of any outstanding liens or title issues;

  • Drafting and settlement of loan modification agreements, forbearance agreements, partial claim mortgages and deeds in lieu of foreclosure on behalf of the Lender.

Real Estate Litigation Palm Beach Florida


Following foreclosure, Lenders have a strong incentive to dispose of REO inventory or bank-owned properties as expeditiously as possible. Experienced counsel is vital to facilitating these processes. The Firm’s Real Estate Owned (REO) team provides real-estate closing services for Lenders, which include but are not limited to:

  • Order and review title searches and surveys;

  • Address any title issues identified;

  • Review and prepare contracts or ancillary agreements;

  • Prepare settlement and transfer documents;

  • Closing of the transaction.

Lender Foreclosure Services

Our Firm represents institutional and private lenders in the reclamation of titled assets and are well versed in replevin, attachment, and foreclosure.

The Firm handles both contested and uncontested foreclosure matters, including assisting with Loss Mitigation Services and Mediations. We are committed to providing legal representation that can efficiently handle a wide range of issues that arise in default servicing.

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