Hiring a Real Estate Attorney instead of a Title Agent has a number of benefits

The South Florida real estate market is booming, sparked by high demand, low inventory, and record low-interest rates.

Single-family homes are selling at a fast pace with many sellers getting offers above the asking price.

Buyers are now in a position to buy a home for more than what they would typically be approved for due to low-interest rates.

So, if you are considering selling your home or moving to Florida, call South Florida real estate attorney Eleni Noble Zarbalas.

Hiring a real estate attorney instead of a title agent has a number of benefits.

  • Realtors and title agents don't have law degrees and can not provide legal advice.

  • A title company works for the title insurer, not for the buyer or the seller. a real estate attorney works for you.

  • Realtors and title agents can not address sales contract problems, deal with non-standard forms, or correct legal issues affecting the title.

  • You get the benefit of having an experienced realtor and title agency at comparable cost with the added value of an experienced real estate attorney at no additional cost.

Call Eleni Noble Zarbalas today at 561 981 2685

A lot can go wrong during what might seem like a simple real estate transaction, so be sure you work with an experienced South Florida real estate attorney.

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